Our Program


It's simple! Your progression is important!

Our 5-GOAL PROGRAM consists of accomplishing the following:

  • To teach you the basic steps
        - their cultural names and how to apply them
  • To cover traditional and modern style
        - historical evolution summons creativity
  • To provide the dos and don'ts of dancing properly
        - body structure, elegance and vigorousness
  • To emphasize personal style
        - be yourself!
  • To encourage you to perform professionally with any team
        - train and adapt to any team


  • Enroll at anytime during the year
  • Learn at least 4 basic steps every 3 months
  • Take our performance test every 3 months to solidify your knowledge of techniques
  • Graduate within a year with solid knowledge and application of techniques that puts you at a professional level
  • Continue to learn by adding professional and competing techniques to your portfolio
  • Participate in our Annual school competition to gain competing experience
  • Participate in our community and out-reach performances to gain stage experience
  • Have fun, live it, breathe it, condition, strengthen, you can do it!


  • Chidren - Ages 3 to 9
  • Teenagers - Ages 10 to 15
  • Adults - Ages 16+


  • Drumming members must have at least two personal drum sticks
  • Ukulelemembers must have a personal ukulele to begin classes
  • Dancing members must have a personal mid-thigh form fitted shorts


  • NO group hopping. We are a dance school, not a dance group! Our focus is to teach you the techniques so you can help your group or continue to pursue cultural endeavors. If you belong to a dance group, your leader will be requested to sign a waiver understanding the nature of your participation in our program.
  • NO choreography copying as what we do is AUTHENTIC and UNIQUE. We create most of our songs and teach our own choreographies.
  • NO recording devices allowed on the premises.
  • Dress code is enforced.